What is Plantar Fascitis?

Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain and affects around 10% of people. It is a chronic irritation of the soft tissue under the foot, particularly where it attaches under the heel, and is typically the result of repetitive strain on the arch of the foot.

Pain resulting from plantar fasciitis is felt under the arch and heel, and is most pronounced on the first few steps after periods of inactivity. The pain generally decreases after walking on the foot for a while. Most people will tolerate the condition before seeking medical help, often resulting in a worsened chronic condition. 

Why me?

People with excess weight, flat feet, high arches, or excessive pronation are all at increased risk of overloading the plantar fascia and tight hamstrings, calves and achilles tendons has also been associated with development of plantar fasciitis. 

The best treatment possible

Plantar fasciitis can resolve on its own but about 5% of sufferers will eventually require surgical release. Traditional treatment options include rest, ice, anti-inflammatory drugs, night splinting, and strapping, but it is now understood that plantar fasciitis most often doesn’t involve active inflammation but rather degeneration of the tissue.

As a result newer treatment methods often aim to provoke acute inflammation in order to restart the stalled healing process. 

Shockwave Therapy works in this manner by using an acoustic pressure wave to disrupt the affected tissue, stimulate collagen synthesis, enhance blood supply, and even flush out pain-transmitting substances. Shockwave is non-invasive, has few adverse side effects, and is associated with a good recovery time in patients with chronic plantar fasciitis. It has been shown to induce an immediate analgesic (pain relieving) and anti-inflammatory effect, as well as long-term tissue regeneration and repair.

Safer, cheaper and easier than surgery

Shockwave Therapy carries far less risk than invasive procedures such as surgery. It can therefore be a safe, cost effective approach to the treatment of stubborn, persistent, chronic plantar fasciitis and pain under the foot.

Backed by scientific research

In the past decade Shockwave Therapy has attracted the attention of researchers as an alternative for treatment of persistent plantar fasciitis and pain under the foot. Studies in 2009 and 2013 both found progressive, ongoing improvement in pain and function following just 4-5 shockwave treatments of plantar fasciitis. Symptoms continued improving further up to a year after treatment. 

We combine the best approaches

At ChiroPlus we offer a comprehensive solution for plantar fasciitis by combining traditional therapies, including stretch and strengthening, taping, and joint mobilisation, with the latest Shockwave Therapy technology. This ensures that we not only get you out of pain quickly, but keep you pain free for longer.





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