Epicondylitis is one of the most common injuries of the arm and can be divided into lateral epicondylitis, or Tennis Elbow, and medial epicondylitis, or Golfer’s Elbow. It is normally the result of overload of the tendons of the forearm and inflammation of the points where they attach to the bone of the elbow.

Effective treatment is difficult and these conditions are prone to recurrence. Left alone an episode can last anywhere from 6 month to 2 years, making it a highly chronic condition.

Tennis Elbow typically presents as pain and tenderness on the outer side of the elbow, and weak or painful grip. Golfer’s Elbow is felt on the inner side of the elbow. Both are most common between the ages of 30 and 60, and typically more severe and long lasting in women. It is a repetitive strain type injury, normally as a result of work or sports activities.

Treatment for tennis elbow can include acupuncture, physical therapy, corticosteroid injection, PRP (platelet rich plasma) injection, or even surgery.

Research Backed Treatment

Over the years much research has been done on Shockwave Therapy in the treatment of tennis elbow and the results suggest that it required less treatments than acupuncture, is as effective as corticosteroid injection, has the same long term effectiveness as PRP injection, and has similar results to surgery. The conclusion is that Shockwave Therapy is an effective and non-invasive method for the treatment of tennis elbow (Lateral epicondylitis).

Studies found that Shockwave Therapy significantly reduces the pain that accompanies tendon injury and improves functionality and quality of life. It might be first choice because of its effectiveness and safety.

How does our treatment work?

Shockwave Therapy utilizes an acoustic pressure wave to stimulate injured tissue and initiate healing through the increased synthesis of collagen and growth of new blood vessels. It is quick and painless and can be administered in our rooms safely.

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